Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck One of the most common types of lawyers is litigators. These lawyers specialize in resolving a number of legal disputes on a regular basis. With litigation attorneys, a number of clients can have the expertise to help them resolve contract disputes as well as settle a number of other legal issues that may come up. The assistance provided by litigation attorneys allows a number of organizations and individuals to address numerous legal issues such as negotiations with salaries, legal document clauses and also breaches of contract. Anytime a business or individual is in need of addressing a legal matter in court, they will greatly benefit by using the services of an experienced litigation attorney. By using a qualified litigation attorney, various clients will be in position to get a more favorable outcome whenever they go to court to deal with legal matters.

There are a number of expert litigation attorneys in the United States. One of these top attorneys in litigation is Karl Heideck. Over the course of his career, he has established himself as among the very best litigation attorneys in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. During his career, Karl Heideck has been able to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge and skills related to litigation. This has allowed him to be one of the most effective litigation lawyers around. With his knowledge and skills, Karl Heideck has had the ability to help a number of clients more easily resolve legal disputes in court. As a result, Karl Heideck has established himself as a trusted litigation attorney.

Karl Heideck is a trusted litigation attorney serving the Philadelphia area.
Karl Heideck is currently serving clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

Karl Heideck started his legal career in the year 2003 when he completed his studies at Swathmore College. Heideck finished a Bachelor of Arts degree and would then move on to attend law school at Temple University. In 2009, Karl Heideck finished his Juris Doctor degree and was then in position to prepare for the bar exam. He would pass the exam and become a practicing attorney. Once becoming a law school graduate, Karl Heideck would begin working at the law firm Conrad O’Brien. After few years, he would then move on to practice law at the firm Pepper Hamilton LLP which is the firm he currently works at today.



Minimalism: The Most Interesting Home Improvement Trend of 2017

A series of lifestyle articles published in 2016 about life in Japan are influencing Americans to decorate their homes with less. Getting rid of clutter and learning to live with minimal furniture and personal items is a Japanese trend that is being adopted not only by cash-strapped members of the Millennial Generation but also by middle class families. The idea is to maximize living spaces and making lives easier and more meaningful.

The current trend of Japanese minimalism has some roots in Zen Buddhism; however, the real inspiration can be found in the technological austerity and style of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. The white iPhones, iPads and MacBooks feature clean lines and a simplicity that can be easily emulated in homes by removing most of the furniture and excess decorations.

The basic home improvement strategy of minimalism for a bedroom would be a fresh coat of white paint, a hardwood or laminate floor, a single painting on the wall, a bed, and a small nightstand. Instead of dressers, minimalists maximize closet space.

Smart home automation can also be incorporated into the minimalism trend with a single Amazon Echo or Google Home device to control all appliances. Alternately, homeowners can program their smartphones to function as single remote controls.

Lighting also plays an important role in minimalism. Simple and stylish ceiling lamps are enough in this regard. One floor lamp can be added to the living room. Families who are used to eating in restaurants can also cut down on the amount of kitchen appliances they own.

Home Improvement Ideas to Make Your Home Look Beautiful

People are constantly looking for ways to beautify their homes, and these days, there are some simple fixes that make a big difference. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a remodel, and you can start with small ideas and build from there.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to spruce up the decor in your home.

Teak Wood Furniture

Bringing teak wood furniture into your home makes any room look like a luxurious resort. The wood is taken from the teak tree after 80 years, and the wood retains oil which makes it look sleek and refined.

Door Remodeling

Give your doors a makeover and change the way the entire space looks. You can give your front door a fresh coat of paint and add a silver or gold door knocker for instant sophistication. If you’re making over the doors to your bedroom or living room, add wallpaper to the borders of the door in a metallic color to make this part of the home stand out.

Shelf Upgrade

Making your shelves especially eye-catching makes your den or home office look much more inviting. Attach wood to the walls in whatever arrangement or shape you like. Instead of traditional straight shelves, you can even use rustic wood pieces and sand or smooth them on top so you can place your favorite books or decor on them. Paint the shelves in your favorite colors so they’ll provide a nice contrast to the walls, and you’ve given your room a small but significant makeover.

These are just a few of the weekend projects you can take on to make your home a little cozier and to show off your personal decor style.

Home Improvement Trends for 2017

Smart home automation, wine cellars and breakfast nooks are among the hottest trends in residential home improvement this year.

Now that the Trump administration is settling in the White House, American homeowners are waiting for the formal announcement of an economic stimulus plan before they list their properties on the market. That announcement is expected to take place within the first 100 days of the new administration; once it is made official, home sellers can expect heavy demand and a market that will favor them. In the meantime, homeowners should start thinking about making their home more attractive with the following improvements:

Smart Homes

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, smart home automation took center stage with the debut of Google Home and the improvement of Amazon Alexa, two voice-activated digital assistants that are ready to control smart home devices. Sellers can make small investments on devices such as smart locks and light bulbs to show prospective buyers how they can be controlled with the Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers. Smart home devices can also be controlled with smartphones or tablets.

Wine Cellars and Minibars

According to a survey by real estate information site Redfin, built-in-bars and wine cellars or chillers can boost the value of a home by as much as 7.5 percent.

Breakfast Nooks

The morning meal is replacing the traditional American family dinner. Homes that have views of lakes, mountains or green areas can be considerably improved with comfortable breakfast nooks to highlight the natural vistas.

Kabbalah, the System of Science

Kabbalah is not a religion. One would wonder what it is then if it is not a religion. It is a system of science that evaluates the feelings that we have as men. It is a well-calculated system that manifests and takes total control of all the feelings that we have. It uses a scientific formula to achieve this. The method is accurate and scientific and takes you through every stage while understanding everything that you need to know. It also combines intelligence. If you are a starter, some of the things that will guide you through the stages are matrices, diagram and geometry. It is, therefore, a system that is Scientific. As you may know, Kabbalah Centre is not the occult or a sect as those without knowledge may tell.

To confirm that Kabbalah is not a cult, you are free as a learner. It will be free to interact with everything and everybody in this world so they can learn from you the great things that you have benefited from Kabbalah. It helps you in getting the right knowledge of dealing with the different situation in this world, and you will have the right direction. As a student, you will understand the feeling that goes through your body, and you can name it according to the power and guidance and character. It is a piece of knowledge that existed a long time ago, and it has been proven to work well. It is the knowledge that you require if you always have the desire to become enlightened.

Human beings desire to be aware of the things that are happening in their lives. Kabbalah gives you the knowledge to deal with this form of awareness. Remember that the science of Kabbalah aims at attaining everything that man is capable of accomplishing in life. There are great things that man can do, but because of the limitations that are in this world, it becomes difficult to achieve these things. With the wisdom of Kabbalah man can make these great things and live a life that is fulfilling and satisfying. Do not live with anxiety surrounding your lives because you are not able to attain a certain level of your life. Get the lessons of Kabbalah, and you will be ready to go.

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Easy Steps for a Calming Bedroom

Any season of the year is a good time to update the look of you bedroom, but you do not have to spend a lot of money doing it. Yes, you may be asleep the majority of the time that you are in the room, but a serene, comfortable setting can set the tone for a good night’s sleep and a calm start to the a day. There are numerous, inexpensive things you can do that will refresh your bedroom.

Soothing symmetry
A balanced look helps to create the feel of stability. Make sure the furniture is distributed throughout the area so there is not a feel that one side is heavier than any other is. Also, do not have the heaviest furniture near the door. This can give the room an intimidating look. You may want to consider a completely new rearrangement, taking the philosophy of feng shui into consideration. Pictures and lighting at even levels throughout the room will also give the room symmetry and balance.

Natural and neutral
Browns, greys are natural, soothing colors. Incorporating them into the bedroom décor helps to give the room an earthy, comforting feel. There are so many shades available that everyone can find an appealing mix. Furthermore, a can of paint, a new set of sheets or a neutral-colored bed cover is affordable for just about any budget.

You can sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed with some minor changes to your bedroom décor.

Lime Crime Makeup Is About Beauty Which Knows No Boundaries


Just a few short years ago, it was considered weird, wrong and improper to wear blue lipstick out in public. Then, we saw stars like Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Kylie Jenner and others start showing up on the red carpet with a brilliant blaze of blue defining their lips. It was so sexy, and one can thank Doe Deere for pushing the beauty boundaries.


She is the CEO and founder of these bold cosmetics, an edgy brand that delights in wildly colored palettes with a naughty attitude. Doe Deere knew she loved putting on bright, in your face makeup that turned heads. She was obsessed with the playfulness and fantasy aspect, so she launched the company in 2008, hoping someone out there would be drawn to the magic of her brand.


The world was watching, and soon, thousand of fans threw down their boring makeup stashes and began experimenting with Lime Crime.


The cosmetics Doe Deere develops share an amazingly strong pigment base, and these sexy liquid matte lipsticks and powdery smooth eye shadows last and last for hours. The shades are unusual, too, with colors of mushrooms, pumpkins, cement and so forth.

The brand happens to sell the best blue lipstick around in Denim, Teacup, Peacock and Thistle hues. The beauty and glamour in these blue bases are spectacular. That’s probably why all the giant cosmetics companies are now featuring new bold lipstick shades. It’s called duping, but Doe Deere doesn’t care, because “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


Lime Crime is major on e-commerce and social media pages. The makeup is sold there at LimeCrime and at popular stores like Urban Outfitters. Doe Deere believes that e-commerce is the way women love to shop, even for makeup. She enjoys touching base with her Lime Crime community, and they inspire each other with cosmetics looks and ideas.

Lime Crime’s Instagram page is looking amazing at more than 2.6 million followers. The artistic beauty of the social media page is quite striking, as fans love sending their stunning, bright makeup selfies to Lime Crime’s Instagram page.

Lime Crime Adds ‘Scandal’ to Velvetine Lipstick Line

Making Cleanse Regimens Easier With Raw Food Meals


At, they seek to help people in reclaiming their good health, realizing that health comes from within the body. Their approach appreciates that their products, alone, cannot heal diseases or cure anyone. But, when the human body has the proper tools, the healing can come. We can put our “inner physician” to work for us. is able to help people return to nature, where natural healing truly comes from.


Dherbs offers a 20 day full body cleanse program. This all-natural program will help to detoxify, rejuvenate and strengthen the body. It will help to enhance the immune system and work to increase energy levels. It can also help to release from 10 to 30 pounds of weight. This program can help to eradicate junk food cravings and help with skin conditions and even help maintain healthy libido and circulation! This safe and effective herbal-based Cleanse works at ensuring that your entire body is functioning at its finest level.

Invest in a Cleanse that helps your circulatory, immune, digestive and respiratory systems, while it helps you stay physically and mentally fit. You will perform at peak productivity and feel more energetic. The vegetarian capsules in this Cleanse help your body to become the efficient machine that it was created to be. This line-up also includes a complete program that includes a basic raw foods-based dietary regimen, a time schedule for when to take the capsules, and additional recipes and exercise suggestions.

Sheryl Underwood loses weight on the Full Body Cleanse – Dherbs

If you feel that a 20 day program is too much, try their 10 day “Electric Greens Combo Regime”, from the online store. This program is also designed to nourish and replenish the body with the greens and vitamins that are needed to alkalize the body. This regimen also works to help you maintain healthy, normal blood sugar levels. It can help in releasing 10 to 15 pounds of weight. This formula helps cleanse the body of wastes and acids. Green vegetables are full of antioxidants. Being rich in chlorophyll, they can inhibit the forming of free radicals before they can damage our bodies.

Healthy green foods are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help hydrate and improve the appearance of skin. The vitamin K contained also plays an important role in blood coagulation, bone development and maintaining healthy arteries. Most green vegetables are loaded with iron, calcium, vitamins C, E and B, along with lesser amounts of omegs-3 fats. This program is also helpful in providing expectant mothers with the nutrients they will need for a successful pregnancy, and assists in the production of breast milk. This plan includes the natural tablets and 20 tea bags to brew immune tea.


Once you try these specially blended teas, you will want no other tea on the market. They offer a full line of nourishing, safe and effective teas. These blends can help with the ultimate health of your blood and bowels, as well as the brain and the breastfeeding mother. There are teas for fibroid and reproductive health, heartburn, skin and nails, and joint health. If you can imagine a health concern from A to Z, Dherbs has a tea option for you. These teas are 100% pure, containing natural herbs that are special scientific blends for great health. Dherbs knows that we can change our habits and improve our health.

Shop them on, or read more about the detoxing experience on the Rick Smiley Morning Show website.

A Varied Career Leads To Continued Success For Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a name that is known to almost every member of the global advertising community for the long and successful career he has created for himself since entering the industry in 1982 as a writer. Gama remains one of the world’s top advertising executives and creatives after a career that has lasted almost 40 years and continues to go from strength to strength after his own Neogama agency regained their independence in 2016.

After a number of years as the Global Chief Creative Officer for the partnered Neogama and BBH agencies Alexandre Gama has now made his return to Brazil after being based in London for his role with BBH. Since his return to Brazil, Alexandre Gama has been reenergized as a creative force for Neogama, which has now won an amazing 23 Golden Lion’s at the Cannes Film Festival; the amazing record of success Gama has achieved at Cannes continued in 2015 with the latest victory for the agency.

All the success Alexandre Gama has achieved with Neogama was made possible by his success in the early days of his career that took him from the Standard Ogilvy and DM9 agencies to the role of CEO, CCO, and President of the Young & Rubicam agency in 1996.